An introduction to the life of elanor of aquitaine a born leader and the queen of france and the que

In her day, women were supposed to be chaste both inside and outside marriage, virginity and celibacy being highly prized states. When it came to fornication, women were usually apportioned the blame, because they were the descendants of Eve, who had tempted Adam in the Garden of Eden, with such dire consequences.

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Lack of cooperation… Eleanor was the daughter and heiress of William Xduke of Aquitaine and count of Poitierswho possessed one of the largest domains in France—larger, in fact, than those held by the French king.

Eleanor became queen of Francea title she held for the next 15 years. Beautiful, capriciousand adored by Louis, Eleanor exerted considerable influence over him, often goading him into undertaking perilous ventures.

From to Eleanor accompanied Louis on the Second Crusade to protect the fragile Latin kingdom of Jerusalemfounded after the First Crusade only 50 years before, from Turkish assault.


After their return to France and a short-lived reconciliation, their marriage was annulled in March According to feudal customs, Eleanor then regained possession of Aquitaine, and two months later she married the grandson of Henry I of England, Henry Plantagenet, count of Anjou and duke of Normandy.

In he became, as Henry IIking of England, with the result that England, Normandyand the west of France were united under his rule.

Eleanor had only two daughters by Louis VII; to her new husband she bore five sons and three daughters.

The sons were William, who died at the age of three; Henry; Richardthe Lion-Heart; Geoffrey, duke of Brittany; and Johnsurnamed Lackland until, having outlived all his brothers, he inherited, inthe crown of England.

She was instrumental in turning the court of Poitiersthen frequented by the most famous troubadours of the time, into a centre of poetry and a model of courtly life and manners.

Eleanor of Aquitaine - HISTORY

She was the great patron of the two dominant poetic movements of the time: The revolt of her sons against her husband in put her cultural activities to a brutal end. The revolt failed, and Eleanor was captured while seeking refuge in the kingdom of her first husband, Louis VII.

Her semi-imprisonment in England ended only with the death of Henry II in On her release, Eleanor played a greater political role than ever before.

An introduction to the life of elanor of aquitaine a born leader and the queen of france and the que

In Richard died without leaving an heir to the throne, and John was crowned king. Eleanor, nearly 80 years old, fearing the disintegration of the Plantagenet domain, crossed the Pyrenees in in order to fetch her granddaughter Blanche from the court of Castile and marry her to the son of the French king.

By this marriage she hoped to ensure peace between the Plantagenets of England and the Capetian kings of France. In John was again in her debt for holding Mirebeau against Arthur, until John, coming to her relief, was able to take him prisoner.

She died in at the monastery at Fontevrault, Anjou, where she had retired after the campaign at Mirebeau. Her contribution to England extended beyond her own lifetime; after the loss of Normandyit was her own ancestral lands and not the old Norman territories that remained loyal to England.

She has been misjudged by many French historians who have noted only her youthful frivolity, ignoring the tenacity, political wisdom, and energy that characterized the years of her maturity.She led armies several times in her life and was a leader of the Second Crusade.

As duchess of Aquitaine, Eleanor was the most eligible bride in Europe. Three months after becoming duchess upon the death of her father, William X, Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen of France.

I chose Queen Alainor of Aquitaine, known as Eleanor of Aquitaine to modern readers. She was a real person who lived between and Like Cecylee, she lived to a great age and was the mother of two Kings of England; Richard I Coeur de Lion (the Lionheart), who reigned from to , and King John, who reigned from to Eleanor of Aquitaine was queen consort to two kings and mother to two more, making her the most powerful woman in 12th-century Europe.

Famous People Born in France; Military Leader, King. December 22, Georgia leader James Edward Oglethorpe, tenth and last child of Theophilus and Eleanor Oglethorpe, was born in London, England.

An introduction to the life of elanor of aquitaine a born leader and the queen of france and the que

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She would eventually become the queen of France, the queen of England and lead a crusade to the Holy Land. Eleanor of Aquitaine: Early Life. Eleanor was born in what is now southern France.

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