Essay on illegal immigration in india

First I will talk about what illegal immigration is and give you some facts about it in U. I will also discuss for and against illegal immigration. I will give you some of mine point of view in the end.

Essay on illegal immigration in india

Essay on illegal immigration in india

Migration into Assam has been taking place from the dawn of history. However, after the British annexed Assam, large scale population movement from the South Bengal, East Pakistan and now Bangladesh has been an ongoing phenomenon for over a century.

Initially, this movement was for economic reasons only but with the approach of Independence, it started developing both communal and political overtones. After Independence, it acquired an international dimension and it now poses a grave threat to our national security.

The British developed the tea industry in Assam. They imported labour from Bihar and other provinces to work in the tea gardens. The Assamese people living mostly in Upper Assam and cultivating one crop per year, were not interested in working as labour in the tea gardens nor in increasing or expanding land cultivation to meet the additional requirement of food for the large labour population employed in the tea gardens.

Therefore, the British encouraged Bengali Muslim peasants from present Bangladesh to move into Lower Assam for putting virgin land under cultivation.

This set in motion a movement pattern which despite changed conditions, has been continuing to this day. It was merged with the new Muslim majority province of East Bengal. Inthe British Government annulled the partition of Bengal. Assam was restored its status as a province and was now placed under a Lieutenant Governor.

The Assamese fear of losing their identity and being swamped by Bengalis goes back to this merger and even earlier. This fear had been aroused both by the Bengali Hindus dominating the administration and the professions, and the Bengali Muslims altering the demography of the province.

The Bengali Muslims were hard working peasants who occupied vacant land and put virgin areas under cultivation. They made a significant contribution to the agricultural economy of Assam.

With Constitutional Reforms, the country started advancing towards democracy, which is a game of numbers. The Muslim League now came up with its demand for Partition, on the basis of religion. This added a new twist to this population movement. Jinnah confidently declared at Guwahati that Assam was in his pocket.

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He was supported by Mahatma Gandhi. The grouping plan was foiled and Assam was saved from becoming a part of Pakistan. Partition brought about a sea change in the situation. An international border now separated Assam and East Pakistan.TIVERTON — A fire at 88 Crandall Road on Wednesday afternoon that started in the kitchen killed three dogs that were overcome by smoke.

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The Effects Of Illegal Immigration Illegal immigration is defined as the act of someone staying in a given country without the country’s official permission. This happens when one illegally enters a given country, or overstays upon expiry of a visa.

It's true China is booming, Russia is growing more assertive, terrorism is a threat. But if America is losing the ability to dictate to this new world, it has not lost the ability to lead.

Excerpt: Zakaria’s ‘The Post-American World’