Galaxy newspaper pietermaritzburg

Alexandra Education Committee We are an organisation that through a screening process, identifies children at grade 7 level that show potential and place them into highschools of quality, ie:

Galaxy newspaper pietermaritzburg

Germany[ edit ] Modern stamp commemorating the Gutenberg Biblethe first major European work printed by mechanical movable type Gutenberg's first major print work was the line Bible in Latinprinted probably between and in the German city of Mainz.

Thereupon Gutenberg established a new one with the financial backing of another money lender. With Gutenberg's monopoly revoked, and the technology no longer secret, printing spread throughout Germany and beyond, diffused first by emigrating German printers, but soon also by foreign apprentices.

Europe[ edit ] In rapid succession, printing presses were set up in Central and Western Europe. Inbarely 30 years after the publication of the line Bible, the small Netherlands already featured printing shops in 21 cities and towns, while Italy and Germany each had shops in about 40 towns at that time.

According to one estimate, "byprinting presses were in operation throughout Western Europe and had produced 8 million books" [2] and during the s there were "three hundred or more" printers and booksellers in Geneva alone.

Rest of the world[ edit ] The near-simultaneous discovery of sea routes to the West Christopher Columbusand East Vasco da Gamaand the subsequent establishment of trade links greatly facilitated the global spread of Gutenberg-style printing. Traders, colonists, but perhaps most importantly, missionaries exported printing presses to the new European oversea domains, setting up new print shops and distributing printing material.

In the Americas, the first extra-European print shop was founded in Mexico City in ? For a long time however, movable type printing remained mainly the business of Europeans working from within the confines of their colonies.

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According to Suraiya Faroqhi, lack of interest and religious reasons were among the reasons for the slow adoption of the printing press outside Europe: In India, reports are that Jesuits "presented a polyglot Bible to the Emperor Akbar in but did not succeed in arousing much curiosity.

The English East India Companyfor example, brought a printer to Surat inbut was not able to cast type in Indian scripts, so the venture failed.

Galaxy newspaper pietermaritzburg

In the 19th century, the arrival of the Gutenberg-style press to the shores of TahitiHawaii and other Pacific islands, marked the end of a global diffusion process which had begun almost years earlier.

At the same time, the "old style" press as the Gutenberg model came to be termed in the 19th centurywas already in the process of being displaced by industrial machines like the steam powered press and the rotary presswhich radically departed from Gutenberg's design, but were still of the same development line.See past project information for Galaxy Newspaper, Newholmes, Pietermaritzburg including projects, photos, costs, reviews and more.

The Galaxy Newspaper is a community newspaper based newspaper distributed in the Kwazulu Natal Province. The Galaxy Newspaper is a newspaper focusing on community affairs in /5(46).

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