Hostgator business plan vs reseller agreement

There is a setup free associated with signing up on monthly subscription.

Hostgator business plan vs reseller agreement

They can do it. Even advanced server setups like VPS and dedicated hosting fall under their purview. You rent server space from HostGator, then host websites on behalf of interested third-parties, earning yourself a nice fee in the process.

HostGator has your back there too, it seems, and were going to find out if their service is worthwhile in our HostGator reseller review. They are big, which means they are offering plenty in regards to options, and also theoretically support.

When it comes to the core of what a host should be, fast, reliable, and secure. However, you might find that HostGator lacks in some regards. Not the worst, but certainly not the very best. HostGator Reseller Hosting Review: They have a strong lineup of reseller plans and understand that your end goal is to make some money.

It could be that you are a designer or web developer looking to pad their pockets by adding a web-hosting component to their business scheme.

You could just be the entrepreneurial sort trying to dip your toes in the pond and learn what the hosting game is all about. Regardless of the reason, HostGator understands that profit is the goal.

To that end, they have designed their reseller hosting program to maximize your earning potential. That starts with their rather well-done FAQ about what reseller hosting is to get you oriented. They cover the basics, explain why reseller hosting is popular and how you can use it to get some income going.

Best of all, they lay out some important features a server should have and how their offering match up to this ideal.

hostgator business plan vs reseller agreement

Reseller plans come in three flavors: Aluminum, Copper, and Silver. All of the plans give you the ability to add unlimited domains, so the differences between them mainly come down to price and resource allotment. The WHM Control Panel allows you to monitor your server status, allocate available resources, and control other specific functions.

You might be wondering why a solid control panel is important. A few things to note: The control panel allows you to fine-tune settings regarding your server, ensure that everything stays to your specifications and working at an optimal level.

You can use a range of clients to access email, and even check mail via a mobile device. HostGator Is Still Great For Newbies You have to hand it to HostGator; they know how to get people through the door and keep them hanging around thanks to their simplicity. Signing up is a piece of cake.

They also have a reseller startup guide to help you hit the ground running. HostGator is specifically geared to easing you into difficult concepts slowly.60% OFF NEW Hosting + $ on Select Domains.

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Use this coupon code to save 60% off your first invoice on all new hosting plans from HostGator! Valid on shared, reseller, VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

Shared & Reseller. There are several options for how to upgrade your Shared (Hatchling, Baby, or Business plan) or Reseller account. Look below for the type of upgrade you wish to perform. For example, if you pay 3 years in advance for a Hatchling plan, you would save $ compared to paying for the same plan monthly; and on your first invoice, you would get an additional 20% off.

A renewal of the 3 year term would cost the regular price of $ per month, and the 20% discount would no longer be applicable. HostGator is one of the world's most trusted shared hosting providers. if you are selling hosting to your own clients, you must use a Reseller (or above) account; hosting paying customers on a Baby or Business account is forbidden.

The business plan includes a dedicated IP that is shared by the entire hosting account and is the only one. However, anonymous FTP for your visitors is only included in the higher-tier package called the Business Plan.t Multiple Domains The most basic plan includes just one domain name, but all other packages allow for unlimited domains/10(52).

The Business plan can support hosting for unlimited domains, and it includes more e-commerce features than a Baby plan, like a private SSL and a toll-free support number of your own, making it the perfect solution for creating an online store.

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