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I have been home raising my kids for 10 years and have a Masters in IRHR with over 15 years of experience prior to making the decision to leave the profesional world. I knew that I needed to prove that I have updated knowledge of the HR field before I could even think about applying for a position. Plus it can only help me in the new job that I hope to find soon.

Irhr study notes

Eyes on New Zealand Introduction New Zealand is a small country, with a population of less than five million, situated in the far reaches of the southern hemisphere. This report outlines the remarkable story of how an international police raid for alleged copyright infringement activities ultimately became a story Irhr study notes illegal spying on New Zealanders, and political deals on revised surveillance laws, while precipitating proposals for a Digital Rights and Freedoms Bill and resulting in the creation of a new political party.

We outline how civil society has tried to respond, and suggest action points for the future, bearing in mind that this incredible story is not yet over. This framework discriminates on grounds of national origin, and in doing so purports to step around human rights protections from interferences with the right to privacy of communications by the governments of the Five Eyes, claiming that such protections apply only to nationals or those within their territorial jurisdiction.

There are many factors to the case which remain outstanding — extradition issues, validity of search warrants, and many other legal matters outside the scope of this report. However, in relation to surveillance issues, the case against Mr Dotcom revealed that the GCSB had been spying on him and sharing information from its activities with New Zealand law enforcement officers who were also dealing with the FBI in the investigation of Mega Upload.

Public outrage followed the discovery that the GCSB were in fact spying on New Zealanders and resulted in the prime minister establishing an independent investigation by Rebecca Kitteridge. But it turns out they have been regularly spying on New Zealanders from before and since.

They have Irhr study notes let down the public. The prime suspect was Peter Dunne, a parliamentarian holding a single vote supporting the coalition government.

Irhr study notes

These actions were widely seen as an attack on privacy and press freedom, sparking intense commentary from local journalists and media outlets. Dunne denied he was the source of the leak and asserted his rights to privacy, 12 but was forced to resign his ministerial portfolio.

It was in this context that two new laws were introduced.

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But the new laws went much further, retrospectively validating the GCSB action and fundamentally shifting the permitted surveillance activities to include surveillance of New Zealand citizens.

Rather than clarifying that the GCSB could not spy on New Zealanders, the new law simply extended the authority to do so and validated the previously unlawful activity, clearly violating privacy rights. There was widespread consternation and opposition from legal groups, the technical community, business, human rights organisations and community organisations.

The New Zealand human rights commission also took the unusual step of preparing a separate report for the prime minister highlighting serious concerns with the proposals. Thomas Beagle from Tech Liberty noted: The [TICS] bill codifies the government's assertion that all digital communications which is increasingly becoming equivalent to "all communications" must be accessible by government agencies.

Furthermore, to ensure that the government can do this, the GCSB will now have oversight of the design and operation of New Zealand's communications networks.

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They will be able to veto any decision made by the network operators that might impact on security or, more likely, limit their ability to spy as they see fit. This new power far exceeds any role of the GCSB in the Five Eyes, extending its oversight to business and other private sector activities.

At the same time as these two new laws were being passed, a new internet censorship law aimed at harmful online speech, the Harmful Digital Communications Bill, was also before parliament. Large public meetings and street rallies were held throughout the country, fuelled by the Snowden revelations and leaks of information about the role of New Zealand in the Five Eyes.

Thousands of people rallied, started and joined online campaigns, with both online and offline media and journalists engaging. Overall, it was an intense period of constant media coverage and political focus. At times developments happened daily, even hourly, making it difficult to maintain an overview of what was happening, how developments were related and to think strategically about how to respond.

Views were also divided: Despite widespread public opposition to the GCSB Bill, the prime minister went so far as to claim that New Zealanders cared more about how many fish they were allowed to catch than they did about their online privacy.

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But the awareness of internet-related policy issues had grown enormously. Yet the political and legal fallout from the Kim Dotcom raid has extended far beyond anything that could ever possibly have been imagined.

What began as mutual assistance in law enforcement for alleged intellectual property rights violations which sparked the original police raid and seizure of Mega Upload has ended in multiple investigations, revelations of spying, new laws, and a sea change in regulation affecting the internet in New Zealand.

We have even seen the birth of a new political party, the Internet Party, founded by Mr Dotcom, which has formed an alliance with the Mana Party and is contesting the general election in September More major law reforms were announced in Maywith a wholesale review of the Privacy Act which will include new measures for data sharing by government agencies, mandatory reporting of data breaches, and a new offence of impersonation.

While this review is welcome, and there is a good Privacy Commissioner 23 who has knowledge of internet-related issues, the policy review will also require close scrutiny and engagement from civil society groups.

Legal academics are still only beginning to focus on surveillance and privacy 24 and in general the legal community has been slow to grasp the human rights implications of internet-related policy and regulatory measures.We also study some negative dependence properties in the proposed mixture model.

Next we indicate that the IRHR property passes from the baseline variable into the overall variable under an appropriate condition.

Theorem Lecture Notes in Statistics. Today, graduate study is offered in about major programs, with 21 advanced academic and professional degrees being conferred. -uring the academic year approximately 10, graduate students were enrolled and approximately 2, advanced degrees were conferred, of which were doctorates.

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Irhr study notes

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