Long term capital management and the

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Long term capital management and the

Meriwether headed Salomon Brothers ' bond arbitrage desk until he resigned in amid a trading scandal. Scholes left and Robert C. Merton were principals at LTCM. Scholes and Robert C. The fund's operation was designed to have extremely low overhead; trades were conducted through a partnership with Bear Stearns and client relations were handled by Merrill Lynch.

With the help of Merrill Lynch, LTCM secured hundreds of millions of dollars from business owners, celebrities and even private university endowments and later the Italian central bank. The bulk of the money, however, came from companies and individuals connected to the financial industry.

Since bonds of similar maturities and the same credit quality are close substitutes for investors, there tends to be a close relationship between their prices and yields.

Whereas it is possible to construct a single set of valuation curves for derivative instruments based on LIBOR-type fixings, it is not possible to do so for government bond securities because every bond has slightly different characteristics.

It is therefore necessary to construct a theoretical model of what the relationships between different but closely related fixed income securities should be. For example, the most recently issued treasury bond in the US — known as the benchmark — will be more liquid than bonds of similar but slightly shorter maturity that were issued previously.


Trading is concentrated in the benchmark bond, and transaction costs are lower for buying or selling it. As a consequence, it tends to trade more expensively than less liquid older bonds, but this expensiveness or richness tends to have a limited duration, because after a certain time there will be a new benchmark, and trading will shift to this security newly issued by the Treasury.

Long term capital management and the

One core trade in the LTCM strategies was to purchase the old benchmark — now a Over time the valuations of the two bonds would tend to converge as the richness of the benchmark faded once a new benchmark was issued.

If the coupons of the two bonds were similar, then this trade would create an exposure to changes in the shape of the yield curve: It would therefore tend to create losses by making the year bond that LTCM was short more expensive and the This exposure to the shape of the yield curve could be managed at a portfolio level, and hedged out by entering a smaller steepener in other similar securities.

Leverage and Portfolio Composition[ edit ] Because the magnitude of discrepancies in valuations in this kind of trade is small for the benchmark Treasury convergence trade, typically a few basis pointsin order to earn significant returns for investors, LTCM used leverage to create a portfolio that was a significant multiple varying over time depending on their portfolio composition of investors' equity in the fund.

It was also necessary to access the financing market in order to borrow the securities that they had sold short.

In order to maintain their portfolio, LTCM was therefore dependent on the willingness of its counterparties in the government bond repo market to continue to finance their portfolio.

If the company was unable to extend its financing agreements, then it would be forced to sell the securities it owned and to buy back the securities it was short at market prices, regardless of whether these were favourable from a valuation perspective.

The fund also invested in other derivatives such as equity options.The Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) crisis was caused by not just miscalculation but also pride. LTCM was a collection of highly talented, highly skilled, and highly accomplished people.

Nevertheless, the firm imploded in financial ruin and almost took the global economy down with it. Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) was a large hedge fund led by Nobel Prize-winning economists and renowned Wall Street traders that nearly collapsed the global financial system in Sep 07,  · Cayne, who was an original investor in Long-Term Capital, should have remembered that the hedge fund's most obvious flaw was its excessive borrowing, or leverage.

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When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management is a book by Roger Lowenstein published by Random House on October 9, The book puts forth an unauthorized account of the creation, early success, abrupt collapse, and rushed bailout of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM).

LTCM was a tightly-held American hedge fund founded in which .

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