Lse summative essay cover sheet

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Lse summative essay cover sheet

It is these factors that are appropriated here to structure the general issues raised by assessment. The following concerns are particularly pivotal: There are numerous criteria that then can be adopted to determine the Lse summative essay cover sheet option.

Whilst it should be noted that these will be rated differently by the individual assessor, the issues presented in Figure 1 can be considered carefully when designing the most appropriate assessment methods. This is particularly important as there may be conflict between specific criteria.

Choosing a type of assessment Here, to introduce these key issues, we compare the advantages and disadvantages associated with two common assessment strategies: Instead, this reflects the choice of our Lse summative essay cover sheet 1 Principles of Economics case study where we assess how shifting from a common framework of a combination of multiple-choice and essay assessment to a greater focus on continuous assessment impacts on student achievement.

In addition to these two quite persuasive influences that favour the use of multiple-choice assessment, the possibility of subjective grading is removed and therefore students are not left questioning the rationale behind their final mark.

Certainly, this simple means of diminishing the possibility of student grievance is a benefit that cannot be underestimated; however it is not a justification for overuse. Unfortunately, the cumulative level of expediency this form of assessment offers, has led to a staple and unquestioning reliance on multiple-choice testing in situations where other variations of evaluation may be equally, if not more, appropriate.

Because of the intricacy involved when measuring the propriety of its use, a couple of issues associated with the use of multiple-choice assessment are considered in more detail below, these being the frequency of assessment and the use of negative marking: Frequency Misuse overuse and inappropriate use has exposed the multiple-choice method of assessment to the possibility of criticism in a variety of forms, the most common of which is that it is a crude instrument of assessment.

This would suggest that, not only should it not be the sole means of evaluating student knowledge, neither should it operate as the primary assessment mechanism. Moreover, when it is used there should be meticulous consideration of how its educational value can be maximised.

A traditional, annual, multiple-choice exam, whilst providing flexibility to the instructor in terms of allowing a broader coverage of material considered in the lectures, provides limited direct feedback.

It also encourages the kind of mnemonically driven learning pathways that can hinder a more flexible and creative response to the material. However, an innovation by Kelley does offer a system of frequent multiple-choice testing designed to give detailed feedback in a large lecture context.

This has reinvigorated the role of multiple-choice and made it particularly attractive as advancements in technology, particularly clickers, facilitate an interactive environment in which student responses can be immediately accessed. Enabling instantaneous feedback and offering opportunities for students to respond to and learn from their mistakes is considered by many leading voices to be crucial for student perceptions of their own learning experience.

With the bonus of unique numbers assigned to individual clickers this revived assessment method can also be used in conjunction with other more practical departmental demands such as attendance monitoring. Negative marking Multiple-choice testing is of course notoriously plagued by the nature of gambling odds.

Considering the positive opportunities presented by guessing, students can potentially derive marks despite possessing a weak knowledge of the subject material. However, such apparent solutions create problems in themselves.

Consider, for example, this instance of student feedback obtained by the authors in response to a survey of student opinion: The fact that, for example, different often unfairly lower marks will be generated for groups who are on average risk averse and less likely to answer questions deemed to be difficult, introduces the potential for issues of discrimination.

Essay-based assessment The opportunities for guessing discussed above can also be considered in a different context. Unsurprisingly, therefore, to counteract such strategy, lecturers will tend to prefer setting more involved essay questions that will isolate the genuinely studious from the opportunist.

Whilst short answers and multiple-choice can be carefully designed to test both comprehension and analytical skills, there is a widespread tendency to view essays as a more versatile and accurate method to measure higher levels of cognitive learning.

In terms of Bloom et al. In contrast, Walstad summarises how essay questions can successfully cover all levels of learning: An essay question is also better for testing complex achievement related to the application of concepts, analysis of problems, or evaluation of decisions.

This demonstration of complex achievement and synthesis is said to be of such importance as a learning objective that it is used to justify the extra time and energy required by the instructor for grading essay tests. Other than the additional pressures on staff time, these include: Unreliability of grading Questions will not necessarily enable the student to adequately demonstrate the genuine level of their achievement, or facilitate their expression of what they know.

In the first instance, it is unclear how many models the student is expected to consider. Secondly, the language does not convey the economic criteria that should be used in any comparison being made.

Lse summative essay cover sheet

That a good student should accurately discern the terminology of an imprecise or ambiguous question is a fallacy, as excellent students are as prone as any to fall into the mis interpretation trap.

In fact it is fairer to assume that all students regardless of ability are inherently disadvantaged by the chasm between what the examiner expects and yet so often fails to articulate, and what they select as relevant under pressure.

The reaction to problems generated through ambiguity, however, should not necessarily involve being overly precise in the vocabulary used in examination questions.

Instead pre-examination guidance becomes crucial. The student should appreciate that there is no unique means to rank the relevance of specific economic models. Scoring Providing detailed student feedback for essays is inevitably time consuming.

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Summative essay lse

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