Modern car wash business plan

We know what a daunting and potentially confusing process starting a new car wash can be. How soon should you begin marketing? How long will the process take?

Modern car wash business plan

In addition, the company will seek to attract the area's growing commuter traffic. Consequently, the company will focus on attracting and developing a loyal customer base from the surrounding community.

The business will be situated on the main thoroughfare between Simcoe and Bedford and intersects both Wainledge Rd. Demographic and Economic Trends Delaware County is an urban county ofpersons estimate situated in western New Jersey. The county seat, the City of Trenton, is near Philadelphia and is one of the leading industrial and trade complexes in the nation.

Delaware County is one of the leading agricultural counties within the state, with approximately 50 percent of its land area devoted to agricultural uses.

Delaware is also an important industrial area, with emphasis in the production of textiles, metals and food products. The City of Trenton is the county's most populous municipality and its center of industry and commerce. East China Township is located approximately 10 miles northeast of Trenton, and Plymouth Township is several miles closer.

East China is Delaware County's fastest growing township, growing by The township consists of Plymouth Township consists of 8. The population is estimated at 1, of which A change in economic conditions can influence the area demographics and consumer spending habits.

The region continues to expand modestly due to increased capital investment, productivity gains and low labor costs resulting in a relatively low inflation rate of 2. This low inflation rate and interest rate environment has spurred the region's manufacturing, finance, insurance, real estate and service industries.

The health of the local economy is important since many of the local East China and Plymouth Township residents commute to work in Trenton, Passaic and Camden.

Simcoe Car Wash is located in the town of Simcoe, approximately two and one-half miles east on Wainledge Rd. However, the facility is outdated, maintaining only four self serve bays with no automatic tunnel. The wash area is small with no front access.

In addition, there are only two vacuum stations and minimal vending facilities. The business is well established with good visibility from the highway and good access.

However, the facility has not been modernized and maintains only four self serve bays with no automatic tunnel.

modern car wash business plan

There are only three vacuums and minimal vending facilities. The company will offer a modern, easily accessible, high quality car wash system featuring a variety of convenient, income producing services, such as vacuums, fragrance machines, carpet shampooer and vending machines.

Car Wash Sample Business Plan | Entrepreneur

Management will actively promote the company's services through local advertisements, cross couponing with local merchants, direct mail promotions and through promotional giveaways.

The building will be constructed of 8" concrete block, except exterior walls, which will be split face block and brick veneer atop a 5" concrete floor and concrete foundation.

All interior walls in the bays and equipment room are to be covered with "Kalite white textured fiberglass paneling. The roof will consist of 2 x 4 pre-engineered steel beams with a pre-finished ribbed metal roof.

Executive Summary

Vacuums will be mounted on 30" x 4" concrete pads, each containing a 10' light pole and 4' fluorescent fixture. A breakdown of equipment needs is as follows: Includes installation of tubing to Customers prepared slab. Does not include copper plumbing, materials or labor.A Page guide to starting (or buying) and operating a profitable car wash business.

A fully inclusive "how-to" book on entering the car wash business written buy an owner who built two successful car washes and who bought a third leslutinsduphoenix.comg a business plan, attaining financing, choosing a location, choosing equipment, and car wash construction.

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The biggest problem most entrepreneurs have with writing a business plan is that they don’t know where or how to start. If you’re one of those who’s looking for a simple, effortless and straightforward way to write a great business plan, today’s your lucky day! This article contains a long.

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Mindspark Interactive. Help Uninstall EULA Privacy Uninstall EULA Privacy. Following the success of the completed Fashion Square Car Wash, we've decided to start targeting other car washes that could benefit from a modern makeover.

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