Oedipus arrogance essay

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Oedipus arrogance essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Oedipus Rex Sophocles in Oedipus Rex introduces the horrors of veracity through the journey the tragic hero Oedipus takes on.

Oedipus arrogance essay

According to Aristotle, a tragedy is an event that has to arouse pity and fear to the readers; Oedipus contains all the features of this demand. Oedipus is confident Oedipus arrogance essay solving the murder of king Laius.

This passage clearly exhibits his arrogance as it also clarifies his hubris, which, in in end, leads to Oedipus arrogance essay downfall. Instead of showing his audience that his primary concerns re of himself, his focus is the security of the town. In doing so, it displays the tenacity of his pride and thinking he can save the city of Thebes by himself, yet also displaying his dedication, which can be seen as a heroic quality: His hubris is once again exemplified when questioning the blind man, Tiresias.

This man is known to only speak the truth, and when threatened by Oedipus to express that knowledge about the murder, it leads to a tragedy, rather than enlightenment, in this plot.

Oedipus arrogance essay

Tiresias reveals the truth to Oedipus because of his perseverance in uncovering the truth. As he lets his hubris blurry his sight by believing he was lied to by Tiresisas and Creon because he thinks he is too virtuous to have committed such actions.

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Oedipus rejects all possibilities of such and rather refers to it as a plan to try and throw him off his reign: He uses the excuse that they are trying to overthrow him because he was the one who solved the riddle of the sphinx, which potentially means they were jealous of his position. Oedipus believes that by tricking him, they would reign over Thebes.

Oedipus pushed himself into his fate which destruction is brought upon him through his ruthless means and arrogance. It should come about as the result not of vice, but of some great error or frailty in a character either such as we have described or better rather than worse Aristotle Oedipus believes he has evaded fate, but ironically he has fulfilled everything the oracle had explained to him, and it is is hamartia, his search for the truth that has pushed him to these realizations.

Subsequently, he consults his wife Jocasta by telling her that Tiresias condemned him and revealed his prophecy. Jocasta, already knowing the truth, attempts to persuade him by giving up his search. However, because of his hamartia, Oedipus does not stop his search he continues with his attempts at finding out the truth about the prophecy of him killing his father and sleeping with his mother.

Who on earth could have been born with more of hate from heaven? His hamartia is that which compels him to do so. Oedipus is once again arrogant in discovering the truth, but still seeks it. The truth is out there now; Oedipus has uncovered the mystery of the murderer.

This concept is the reversal of a situation, which is the transition from ignorance to knowledge.

Oedipus arrogance essay

The situations encompass scenes of suffering and of painful actions. Peripeteia, necessary for a complex plot, occurs when he realizes this, as we see in that quote.The protagonist of Sophocles’ play “Oedipus Rex” is an honorable man however, chooses to lead a life of arrogance and pride known as hubris.

This hubris is what ultimately causes Oedipus to unknowingly cause his own tragic demise. Oedipus’ Tragic Flaws: An Analysis of Oedipus Rex In Sophocles’ play Oedipus Rex, first performed sometime in the s B - Oedipus' Tragic Flaws Essay introduction.


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C. E, the scene opens in front of the palace of Oedipus, King of Thebes. Arrogance in Oedipus and Cocteau's Infernal Machine The myth of Oedipus dates back centuries. Overtime a myth changes in many ways as each author or orator presents their own version.

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Note, however, that the hybris is not Oedipus’ alone; Laios and Jocasta are also guilty of it, and their hybris is the true beginning of Oedipus’ downfall, though he contributes to it, too. However, Oedipus is the only one who takes responsibility—too much responsibility, he will realize in Sophocles’ Oedipus at Colonnus —which is.

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