Taking professional wrestling to the mat

The following case study on photographing a wrestling tournament was submitted by DPS reader — Ron Richardson. See his Flickr account here.

Taking professional wrestling to the mat

The following are many of the more specific rules labeled as items that are part of the sport of wrestling. Also questions after each item to test your understanding. What is considered a takedown?

Modern wrestling

Well, to set up a takedown, the wrestlers must be working from the neutral or standing position; a situation where neither wrestler has control. Then a takedown is scored when one of the wrestlers gains control over the other, causing his opponent's supporting points the area or areas in which most of the body weight is placed to be the knees, thighs, buttocks, or hands.

In reference to out-of-bounds situations, a wrestler can be awarded a takedown as long as he or his adversary is in-bounds. Remember, the line around the mat is out-of-bounds.

And don't forget, a takedown can be awarded if the scoring wrestler's feet are in-bounds and touching the mat. In years past, the scoring wrestler's knees had to be in-bounds. When the takedown is a achieved, the offensive man receives two match points.

The double-leg drop, single-leg sweep, fireman's carry, arm drag, snapdown and pancake are just a few types of takedowns. Wrestler A shoots a double leg takedown on Wrestler B.

Photographing a Wrestling Tournament - Case Study

At the completion of the takedown, Wrestler B is completely out of out-of-bounds and Wrestler A's feet are in-bounds.

Would a takedown be awarded? Since the feet of Wrestler A were in-bounds, the takedown would be awarded. Keep in mind, only the defensive man can score an escape or reversal.

For the bottom man to secure an escape, he must place himself in the neutral position, causing his opponent to lose control. The defensive wrestler may also be awarded an escape going out-of-bounds if his adversary is in-bounds at the completion of the move.

The official will indicate one point for the wrestler who earns an escape. The stand-up, forward or granby roll, sit-out turn-in, and sit-out turn-out are examples of escape maneuvers. The defensive wrestler may procure a reversal by moving from the bottom position to the top position, gaining control of his opponent either on the mat or on their feet.

Like the escape, a reversal can be obtained crossing the out-of-bounds line if one of the wrestlers is in-bounds. The referee will designate two points for a reversal.

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The switch, side roll and peterson roll are examples of reversals. Remember, one match point is awarded for an escape and two match points are given for a reversal.

The bottom man stands up and hits a standing switch, spinning behind and controlling his opponent while on their feet. Would a reversal be awarded? The referee would award a two-point reversal because he gained control of his opponent on their feet. If it were a takedown move, however, the wrestler must be brought down to the mat for points to be scored.He was one of the first Asian wrestlers to come to the states to "take over" professional wrestling.

he was perfect for taking his persona up north. Mar 15,  · Carl Wilson has been working the freelance professional wrestling circuit for over a decade now. In the ring, he's Suge D, but by day, he's the manager of a cellphone store.

Glossary of professional wrestling terms. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it To fall on the mat or ground. A flat back bump is a bump in which a wrestler lands solidly on their back with high impact.

The latest news, events and results for USA Wrestling from the USOC official site. Thank you! We'll be in touch with news, updates, and ways you can help the team. Taking a wrestler's approach. Taking Professional Wrestling to the Mat A Look at the Appeal and Potential Effects of Professional Wrestling on Children Jim Waxmonsky, M.D.

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Overview of Wrestling Rules

Beresin, M.D. Professional wrestling (PW) has gained a firm foothold in American culture and appears to be here to stay.

Taking professional wrestling to the mat

Children comprise a large portion of its audience, much to the dismay of. Aug 27,  · The big powerful girls take on smaller talented technicians with skill and savage determination to win!! These beauties are out to take professional women's wrestling to a .

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