Thesis work on semiconductors

Rather, MEMS are usually silicon-based transducers and actuators that respond to, or interact with, external and environmental stimuli. At the early stages of MEMS packaging technology development, cost and package form factor were not at the forefront as key specification for solving end-market application challenges. As a resume, this has resulted in a broad diversity of package form factors for almost every application and end-market. Now, on the other hand, as the MEMS market grows and transitions into high volume production, the drive towards package and test standardization will be needed to offer cost competitive solutions without sacrificing performance.

Thesis work on semiconductors

NXPI trades like a proxy for the relative intensity of fears around a potential trade war. Despite recent concerns, all of the ducks are in a row for the deal to go through.

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Despite what was initially expected to be a relatively open and shut merger, NPXI has been extraordinarily volatile this year as it has unfortunately become a pawn in the evolving U. From a recent Bloomberg article: While the shares have since rebounded, the slump caused losses at a number of hedge funds in April.

Additionally, the deal expires on July 25th, unless the two companies agree to extend it which seems likely in my view. Part of the volatility in the stock is likely driven by the fact that many market participants are already trading scared on this stock given the emotional damage it has likely caused.

NXPI stock today is an attractive investment proposition if you believe there will be a long enough respite in the trade war fears for the deal to go through.

I think it is in fact possible we do eventually get a trade war with China, but thus far it has been two steps forward, one step back, and I see no reason to believe the current round will be any different.


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Thesis work on semiconductors

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Before the trade fears, NXPI traded just under the deal price of $ cash - at ~$ The stock subsequently sold off in fairly dramatic fashion, bottoming at ~$90 earlier this year.

A semiconductor material has an electrical conductivity value falling between that of a conductor, like copper, gold, etc. and an insulator, such as resistance decreases as their temperature increases, which is behaviour opposite to that of a metal.

Their conducting properties may be altered in useful ways by the deliberate, controlled .


"The difference between a conviction and a prejudice is that you can explain a conviction without getting angry." - anon When I first became interested in electronics as a kid, I sat down and figured out how bipolar transistors work.

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