Write a batch file to map network drives script

Mapped network drive may fail to reconnect in Windows 10, version Content provided by Microsoft Applies to: In Windows Explorer, a red X appears on the mapped network drives.

Write a batch file to map network drives script

How do I setup Logon scripts so they support all of my clients? The batch file can launch a VBScript program, as explained below. Once all of your clients are at least Windowsyou can use a VBScript program as the Logon script, and use Group Policy to assign Logon scripts to all users in a domain, site, or organizational unit.

The field labeled "Logon script" on the "Profile" tab of the user properties dialog in the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC corresponds to the "scriptPath" attribute of the user object.

The default location for Logon scripts specified by this attribute is the NetLogon share. By default, all users have read access to this share.

write a batch file to map network drives script

The NetLogon share on the Domain Controller is located in the following folder: This folder is replicated to all Domain Controllers in the domain. The usual practice is to enter the name of the Logon script, for example "NetLogon.

The Logon script will run for the user when they Logon to any computer that is joined to the domain. You can also enter a UNC path in the "Logon script" field and place the file in another location. However, this location should be one that is replicated to all Domain Controllers.

Alternatively, you can use a script or utility to assign the Logon script to the "scriptPath" attribute of the user object in Active Directory. A VBScript program to assign a value to this attribute for many users in bulk would be much faster than manually entering values for users one at a time in the MMC.

What languages can I use for Logon scripts? If the client operating system is Windows NT, the Logon script can be a batch, command, or executable file with extension.

The type of Logon script you use should support all clients you expect the user to Logon to. However, the script engines for these languages must be registered with Windows.

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Another option that should be mentioned is KiXtart. This tool was available in the NT Server resource kit and provides logon script functionality for all clients. The client operating system must be at least Windows in order for the actual specified logon script to be a VBScript program.

All older clients should have a batch file defined as the Logon script. If any of your clients have Windows 95, Window 98, Windows ME, or Windows NT, it is recommended that you designate a batch file as the logon script for all users.Jul 23,  · I have a series of batch files that run a robocopy backup to a TrueCrypt container on a remote machine.

So, what is a batch file exactly?

1. leslutinsduphoenix.com on local machine uses psexec to . Feb 18,  · Thank you for the script its just what I’m looking for, I am going to do some research on how to map a drive letter in C++ and if I have no luck I’ll link batch files to my program and do it.

One of the most important capabilities of any programming language is the ability to choose from among different instructions based on conditions the program finds as it runs. For this purpose, the batch file language has the if command.

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If and only if the batch file's first argument is the word. Jun 10,  · I created a logon batch file that mapped a network drive. Through my user profile I specified the logon script to run. The script ran fine, although you do not see it run when logging in like you would in earlier versions of Windows.

Jul 16,  · need a batch file or script that will allow me to map a network drive with. a differnt user name and password at statup.

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i know a VBS script will do this but i am unable to place this script on one domain controler. It may be necessary to run a batch file to configure computer devices or delete or copy files each time the computer boots to help the computer run more efficiently or allow a device to run.

Note: If there are two or more user accounts on the computer, the batch file will be run after a user account.

write a batch file to map network drives script
What Is A Batch File In Windows? How To Create A Batch File?